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Welcome to KickToyRocks.com! 

A new album is on the way!! Before that happens, we need to add a few new things to our YouTube. To begin with, we've added new lyric videos and two new series to the channel. These will be appearing every Monday in a month. First Monday is the new series called "HiMM Doin Stuff" where you can hear stories from HiMM while he works on something for you to watch. The second Monday will be "HiMM's Toy Factory" where you can see the behind the scenes creations we make for stage, video, and even recording. Finally, on the last Monday of the month will be a new lyric video for you to enjoy!

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KICK TOY is an interesting band, they are young and powerful with passion that is audible in their music ...  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them because they have big potential.
Katarzyna Zakolska



Ever wonder what those old toys do after they hit the land fills and dumpsters of this Earth? They plot and plan, they build and cobble together terrible things to unleash on all the boys and girls who loved them and then disdainfully disposed of them without repaying any of the joy they brought for so many years. Simply dumped and left to rot by those who once cherished them. Now they have returned to corrupt and enslave through their music!

Bringing back the raw, hungry energy of punk and slamming it together with the tasty riffs of 80's style arena rock, Kick Toy crushes audiences with its music and attitude. Kick Toy performs like every single show is the end of the world. They bring everything to the stage and leave nothing but screaming after. Pounding drums, screaming guitars and in your face shows make this band something to behold.

Drawing on such influences as KISS, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, and even the Plasmatics, Kick Toy is putting their own unique slant on the styles their favorite bands developed. The band is especially proud of the unexpected looks on the faces of rock fans when arena style, "balls to the wall" rock and roll is brought to their club. The genuine gratitude post concert only solidifies that Kick Toy is giving the people what they crave.

Kick Toy has been described as a hungrier Motley Crue, a more raw KISS, a nastier Twisted Sister, and even a heavier Poison. Kick Toy believes in rock and roll, and they are making fans everywhere come back to what rock and roll is all about: Guitars, Good Tunes, and Good Times! Raise your fist and remember what your old toys did for you, and what they're going to do for you again!

The whole world is a stage, but the internet is one everyone now has in common. After numerous setbacks, it is now time to push this in some faces. Time for something big. The band is in the midst of shooting numerous music videos from their own budget. Why wait for the music industry to turn towards us, when we can turn the world our way first? Plans for new management, a special release of their new CD, and numerous videos will set them on their way to making the world realize that toys are for grown ups too!

Careful what you wish for ... Toys DO come to life!




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