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To Machine or Not To Machine.

So, we had a drummer for a minute. But, real life takes another victim.

I'm thinking about just dropping the idea of a real drummer and building a robot drummer in it's place. While it's a cool idea, it will have just as many ... but completely different ... issues as a real drummer will have. There are definite pros and cons. Given how hard it is to find a female guitar player, I might end up with a whole robot band, which I definitely DON'T want. A robot drummer would be pretty cool though. He'll dress however he needs. He won't be late or get drunk at shows. He'll only take pay in the form of rebuilds. Not really a bad way to work if you think about it.

I can probably build one fairly cheap, but then once you have him ... what do you Do with him? Can he make for a good show? Will he have enough tricks in his bag to play steady and still be fun to watch. I think we can make that pretty cool, but it won't have any spontaneity. You'll be stuck to the tempo and the set list. Once you've seen all of his lights and bells and whistels, you've seen them all. So rebuilds will have to be a constant thing, Hmmm ... what to do?

What do you guys think? Would a robot drummer be kick ass or lame?


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