Still Seeking Band Mates!

The music world is a crazy place. People have lives to live and places to be. I can understand being too busy for a band to be another commitment. Whatever happened to the good old days of there being eager people who wanted to be rockstars!? Kick Toy needs a few more rockstars!

Kick Toy is still looking for a lead guitar player and a drummer to complete the band. We have a very specific image for each member already in place. We're ready to shoot video and we're working on our third album. We are located near Shelbyville Tennessee. Email: to apply! These positions will be paid per session for the right people.

Kick Toy is looking for a few good people.

Guitar Player:

Kick Toy is looking to fill the role of Mee. We'd like to find a guitar player who likes the spot light. There is a theme here, so you'll want to fit in as well. We want high energy, with a lot of stage presence. There will be lots of video and photo shooting to start. Live shows will follow when we an get a full roster.


Kick Toy is looking to fill the role of aYe. We want a drummer who is willing to dress the part of our robotic drummer character. Someone who is highly visible and energetic. When they're the only player on the stage at the time, they should be fun to watch. Zoltan Cheney, Luke Holland, the Mad Drummer styles all work perfectly.

Camera Person:

Kick Toy will be needing a person to document and help with music video. We have all the equipment for making full music production, video and audio. We need someone who operate a camera with enough initiative to suggest cool shot ideas for videos and to make sure lighting and images are clear and professional.

Street Team members:

ANYONE who wants to promote and talk about the band all over the world. We would love to have you as part of our team. Free downloads and prizes are available to you as often as we can get them.

We are located in Wartrace, Tennessee and rehearse there. Anyone who'd like to be a part of our little family, please contact us at

#helpwanted #rockband #nashville

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