Christmas time is here!!!

Wrapping paper, trees, tacky ornaments, and bad sweaters!

Oh yeah boys and girls! It's time to go fight with each other in some name brand box store over the one thing everyone wants and the industry has intentionally under produced! Run out there and buy things for people you only see once a year and don't really even like that much. Thoughtless little trinkets that just seem like a good idea. Purchase, purchase, purchase!


You could celebrate the holiday as it was intended. Reach out to people you don't know at all and feed the homeless. Give a gift to a person who doesn't have and needs. Take the time to hug a stranger that needs your help. Toys are meant to be loved, not fought over. Be decent to each other and stop fighting in the malls every year. Break free from the tyranny of marketing and do something good for a stranger instead.

Merry XXXmas!

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